Sunday, January 29, 2012


They say absence makes the heart grow fonder!! Does it really with a blog, though??!! I'd say not!!! To any that still check on my blog, I apologize. I have completely neglected this blog (and my family blog as well) for almost a year now!! There is no excuse for, there! My apologies.

I am working on really trying to grow the business this year. I have many ideas, but I have a difficult time trying to hone them!! Does that make sense? I mean, if I had the means and the time I would sell pretty much EVERYTHING! I love creating and the outlet that it provides me! I will be updating regularly as well!!

I got a new computer for Christmas, thanks to my lovely husband! And I have already been putting the miles on it! I'm in the process of transferring files, etc., right now. I will be putting up sneak peaks of work and potential samples. I will be updating my Facebook page as well!! Keep me in check with this!!

For example, here is a sample that I made for my Mom for a school shirt. This is what I will now send out to customers if it is a custom design!

Until next time...