Tuesday, April 19, 2011


That definitely has a double meaning for this post!! I have new pics and "new news"!!! I am finally biting the bullet and expanding the business. I am busy working on the new website and will post a link as soon as it is ready!! I will carry new lines and new products -- including several smocked clothing lines, bags and gifts!! I am so excited with this news!!!

Now onto some pics...

A sweet birthday onesie for a one year old. Her mother made her a cute black and red tutu!!

LOVE this set!!! Taken from an idea from Rosemary at Applique Cafe.

A set for a new little sister!!!

Birthday suit for another one year old!!!

For one of my favorite little boys, Jack, for his second birthday!!

And for his cousin, Williams!!
And for Jack and his little brother Joe!!!! Congrats Casie and Graham!!!

I am SO excited about working on the new site and what opportunities it will afford!! I adore children's clothes and am so excited about bringing MORE of it to my customers!! Until next time...

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