Friday, April 9, 2010

Staying Busy

I've been busy lately with orders.  I had several orders to complete before folks went to Disney -- some monogrammed outfits and then 6 Disney shirts for my nieces.  They are going to be SO cute!  I'll post the pic of them wearing the shirt when I get it!

The left is a shirt that went with some green pants and a skirt.  The right is a sweet dress.  I love that pink!

This is a Bailey Boys outfit and I just had the name monogrammed.  This alligator is sweet isn't it!  Can't take credit for this outfit, but have done some similar.

Just a simple polo with initials.  It just really dresses it up and makes it personal.

The first round of shirts!  They took a bit longer to stitch than I thought, but SO worth it.  I thought they turned out so adorable.  These shirts are for 2 sets of sisters - Julia/Grace and then Mallory/Kinsley

The last of the two sisters...but not the least!

Until next time...